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“Start a blog”, they said. “It’ll be fun!” they said…

So… For months and months now, I have been told that I should write a blog. I’m one of those people that uses their Facebook page as, well, basically a blog. I ramble on for well over 100 words in my statuses about the daftest of things (usually about the funny things my 2 year old daughter has done that day, or about the size on the spider that was clung to the lint drawer in my tumble dryer… Seriously, it was huge… I swear it was so big that it had armpits) and I’m usually told that I really should start a blog. Now, I’d like to think that people are making these suggestions because they think I’m hilariously funny and would like to read more about my antics… However, I have the sneaking suspicion that people are telling me to blog because they’d like to see less of my ridiculously long statuses filling up their news feeds!

So… This is it. My first blog post. Yep. So… What do I do now? Well I suppose it would be nice if I introduced myself. This blog is, after all, attached to my business website and so some of you many thousands of readers (ok, so I may be over reaching a little) probably won’t know me personally. I’m Kelly – designer & “director” (I’m terribly sorry for the business term – it makes me cringe massively) of dragonfly print. I am married to a bloody lovely bloke called John and we have a beautiful and totally bonkers (in a good way of course) 2 year old daughter. I love singing, dancing, colouring in (seriously) and daft comedy. I’m also incredibly partial to a coconut ring biscuit!

Now, I know you’ll be asking yourself “what can I expect from this blog? Why should I read on…” (Well, at least that’s what all the “how to write a blog” articles I’ve read say…) and my answer is – I’m not really sure. I’ve not thought that part through myself to be honest. But, I think it’ll probably be filled with lots of ramblings about me, unnaturally large spiders (honest to goodness, I swear it was wearing knuckle dusters it was that big), weddings, weddings and more weddings, some office chatter and hopefully lots of helpful tips and tricks for your wedding day (did I mention weddings?)

We have lots of incredibly exciting things happening over the next few weeks at dragonfly print HQ – so I shall definitely have lots of things to ramble on about! Lucky you

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