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10 questions to ask your wedding venue

10 questions to ask your wedding venue

One of the questions I regularly see popping up in wedding groups and forums is “what should I ask our wedding venue?” Let’s face it, if you’ve not booked a major event before - knowing the right questions to ask can be a bit of a minefield! 

Don't worry - I have compiled a list of 10 questions you can ask your venue.

1. What’s your wet Weather plan?

With Britain being Britain, it can sometimes rain even at the height of summer. So it’s a good idea to ask your venue what their wet weather plan is. Will they have somewhere that the photographer can take group photos should the heavens open? 

If it does rain on your wedding day - just remember… a damp knot is harder to untie 😉

2. How many guests can you hold in the day & Evening?

This one is vital. You will have a good idea of the number of people you’d like to invite - so check that the venue is big enough for your guest list.

3. Do you have any noise limits or restrictions in place?

If you are planning on booking any live music, make sure you check if there are any limitations or restrictions in place. Some venues only allow live music in the daytime or acoustic music only.  Some venues even have a sound limiter in place which make it impossible for a band to perform using their normal setup. 

4. Are we limited to your recommended suppliers?

Some venues only like to use their recommended suppliers - which can be quite tricky if you’ve found someone that you like but they aren’t included on the venue’s recommended supplier’s list. So it’s always a good idea to check this.

5. If we choose to decorate the venue ourselves, when can we decorate and when does the decor Need to be removed?

Decorating your venue yourself can save quote a bit of money - however, don’t forget that the decor will all need to be removed at some point. So if you’re planning on going straight on your honeymoon after your wedding day, you may need to organise friends or family to remove decor items for you.

6. Do You have A safe space where items can be stored?

Some venues have locked rooms where decor items can be stored if they’re not being put out until the morning of your wedding or not collected straight after your wedding. Also, couples tend to get lots of high value wedding gifts - so they will need to be stored somewhere safe. Is your venue able to offer this safe space?

7. Do You have A comprehensive list of everything that’s included?

Find out exactly what you’re paying for - this will really help with your planning - especially if the venue are providing items such as chair covers/table centres in with your package price. Check all that’s being provided before hiring or buying anything extra - as you may be paying twice!

8. Is there any accommodation on site?

If there is accommodation on site that you think your guests will take advantage of, be sure to check if you will liable to pay if any rooms are empty.  Are any rooms included in the cost? If there is no accommodation - is there accommodation nearby? Do they have a list of recommended hotels/B&Bs?

9. What Time are we allowed to arrive?

If you’re not staying at the venue the night before, if is worth asking what time you’re able to access the venue - and if there is any space for the bridal party to get ready beforehand.

10. What is the changeover plan from ceremony to reception room?

If you are having your ceremony and reception in the same room, ask your venue for their changeover plan. Will the venue staff set up the tables or will somebody from your bridal party need to do this? What will your guests do during this changeover? Will they have somewhere else to go?

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