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5 Ways To Keep The Little Ones Entertained At Your Wedding

5 ways to keep the little ones entertained at your wedding 

So you've decided to invite the children of your nearest and dearest to your wedding.  Congratulations!  They're bound to make your day extra special!  But it does mean that you will now have to put some thought into accommodating them on your day.  Weddings can be quite long affairs for children - especially if there is nothing in place to keep them occupied during the more serious bits (like the speeches!)

Don't worry - we have some simple ideas to suit every budget, so you can keep the little ones entertained without breaking the bank.

1. I spy

Get your littlest guests to help document the day in their way - by providing disposable/digital cameras and an I Spy list.  Asking the children to take photographs of your cake, people dancing or selfies with the happy couple can provide some incredible photographs - and will also keep them occupied throughout the day.

2. Bubbles instead of confetti

I'm sure we can all agree that kids just love bubbles! And bubbles can create some incredible - and inexpensive - photo opportunities! One of the most incredibly romantic things I have ever seen was during a production of Romeo & Juliet at the Old Vic theatre in London.  At the end of the first act, the audience were prompted to pick up the bottle of bubbles that had been left under our seats, and we were invited to blow them as Romeo and Juliet made their marriage vows.  The room was filled with bubbles and there wasn't a dry eye in the house - utterly magical.  So why not recreate that magical moment on your big day with help from your little guests? Inexpensive yet incredibly effective!

3. Make a card for the newlyweds

A big pot of crayons, lots of folded cards and envelopes plus a fun sign asking the children to make a card for the newlyweds - guaranteed to keep them occupied!  Why not place a special post box out for them too so that they can post their creations into the box for you to read after your big day?

4. games

Giant Jenga, four in a row, guess who - all great games that will keep little ones entertained for hours!  If you're lucky enough to have good weather, why not get some garden games too? Tin can alley and ring toss are a simple DIY and are great fun for kids and grown ups!

5. Activity placemats

Keeping little ones entertained around the dinner table is one to keep in mind - especially during the speeches! An activity placemat is a simple way of doing that! Place a little pack of crayons at each child's place setting and an activity placemat or some colouring sheets and relax in the knowledge that they will be occupied during the best man's epic saga of a speech!

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