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Hire items

Hire items

If you would like to hire any of the items below, please get in touch! 

There is no minimum order if you are collecting and returning items to our warehouse unit in Merthyr Tydfil.

On local deliveries, there is a minimum order of £100 (within 30 minutes drive from our base in Merthyr Tydfil)

For items further afield, there is a minimum order of £250.  All deliveries are subject to a 70p per mile delivery fee.

To secure your date, we require a booking fee which is non-refundable.  This will be discussed with you prior to your booking.  We also take a security deposit - in cash - when you collect the items. This is then given straight back to you when the item is returned to us.  If there are any damages, any repair costs will be deducted from the security deposit.

In short, all we ask is that you bring the items back in the same condition that they left us.  Any packaging/boxes, please bring those back too - it can be a real nuisance finding boxes that fit some of our items so please, bring them back.  We're really flexible and understanding when it comes to weddings - no two are the same - so if you need extra time or would like some advice about anything - please just ask.

If you’d like to hire any of the below items, please contact us.

Contact us
Our beer bath!

Beer Bath - £20


White A2 frame - £10

crisp wall

Crisp wall - £45 (crisps not included)


White metal post box - £20


Black metal post box - £20


Basket on pedestal- £10

wooden easel

Wooden easel- £15


Large wooden barrel - £20


Crates seating plan (as shown here) - £50

Antique brown glass demijohns and stoneware flagons

Antique brown glass demijohns - £3 each 


Large round glass mirror cake stand (16inch mirror, 1.5inch high) - £10

tiffany seating plan

Crates - from £5 each

Hand painted wooden signage

Directional signs - £15


Bird cage cards box - £15

Pallet wood heart stand

Wooden heart - £30 | Pampas grass display - £15


Wicker cards basket - £5

large white ornate mirror

Large ornate white mirror - £30

crate seating plan holder with “find your seat” sign

Seating plan display stand - £15

antique gold table mirror styled with gold bottles

Antique “gold” mirror - perfect as a welcome sign - £15

Large suitcase seating plan display

Large suitcase seating plan display - £15

Antique crystal glass decanters - from £2 each

Antique crystal glass decanters - from £2 each

Wooden hoops

Wooden hoop - £15


Easels - £15


Large white ladder - £35

Antique bottles with gold painted bottles and pampas grass and fern display

Vintage glass bottles - various styles and sizes - from £1


Wooden cards box - £15

portrait website photos02

Bike wheels -  from £5 each (2 large, 2 medium in stock)

Gold painted antique bottles

Gold painted antique bottles - from £1

Cream birdcage tealight holder

Bird cage tea light holder - £5 - 7 in stock


Various small wooden signage - from £2

Antique washboards styled with antique glass demijohns and stoneware glagons

Antique washboards (styled here with antique glass demijohns and stoneware flagons) - £3 each