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How many invitations do I need?
How many invitations do i need?
Yep. We've been there. Spending hours counting up the guest list and going over and over it in our heads - making sure we don't miss anyone out.  And we've been asked many hundreds of times. Just how many invitations do I need?

Over the years, we have found the best rule of thumb when ordering invitations is to halve your guest list, and add 10.  So, if you're having 100 guests in the day, 60 invitations should cover it.  Because, don't forget, invitations go one per household, rather than one per person.

For evening invitations, you may need to adjust this formula slightly.  Experience has taught us that your evening guest list will usually include more singles rather than the larger family groups and couples.  

Here at dragonfly print, we always keep copies of your invitations.  So if you need to order a few extra - it won't be a problem.  But of course, if you're ordering from an online print service, you may find that ordering "shorter runs" (that's smaller quantities of printed materials) can be quite costly - so it's always best to triple check your numbers BEFORE you order. 

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