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Top Ten Table plans

Top Ten Table Plans

Whenever we have in person invitation consultations, I can guarantee that I will be asked about the table plan! It's a big deal for people!  First, of course, is the daunting task of arranging where everyone is going to sit. And once you've got that done, it can be tricky to decide how to lay out the plan itself.  Table plans come in all shapes and sizes, from very simple to elaborate displays! Aside from fulfilling the practical job of letting your guests know where they're sat, they can also serve as an elegant backdrop for the wedding party's photos.

They can be formal or informal; personal or impersonal; even handwritten by you on paper napkins if you want! The important thing is that they work for YOU!

Whether you decide to use a large print, mirror or vintage glass bottles, we've rounded up some of our favourite ways to display your table plan.

Traditional Large print

seating plan

Simple, yet incredibly effective!

Traditional large print plans are a good option for smaller venues where space for a large seating plan installation is tight.

We recommend displaying your large print on an easel close to the entrance of your reception room.  

Most venues have easels that you can borrow but if not, we have a range of easels available to hire.

Mirror plan

large white ornate mirror

For this elegant seating plan, we matched up the colours and style used in this couple's invitations to create these table cards.  We then added pearl embellishments for an extra touch of luxury.  These cards were then mounted onto a mirror that the Bride & Groom had supplied - after their wedding, the cards were removed and kept in their wedding memories box - and the mirror was hung on their wall!  A lovely long lasting reminder of their day.

Alternatively, you could handwrite your seating plan onto a mirror - chalk pens work wonderfully well for this. Or, if you don't fancy all that handwriting, vinyl stickers could be used.

vinyl records

We love this look! Each table named after a favourite album or artist - and your seating plan displayed on vinyl records.  Using a good white/silver/gold marker pen and your best handwriting, you could write your guests names around the sides of the vinyl records.  Display near a vintage record player for an added touch of nostalgia!

rustic wooden crates

tiffany seating plan

Isn't this just WOW!?

This rustic crate stack was beautifully decorated by Julia Jenkins at Queens Florist, Merthyr Tydfil.

We added string to our rustic crates and created tag table cards to match this couple's invitations.  

This was a winter wedding - but a simple change of decor can make this work equally well for any season!

vintage ladder plan


Adding height to your wedding decor, a vintage ladder is a real “wow” piece!

You could frame each table card and display on a different rung - or, as shown in this picture, tie string around the ladder and attach your table cards with mini pegs. Adding florals and even pictures of the happy couple complete the look!

antique bottles

For a stylish twist, fill antique bottles with a single bloom in your wedding’s colour palette and a clear card holder.  Attach your table cards to the card holder and prominently display the bottles.

hoop plan

Wooden hoops

Decorate with ribbon matching your theme and then attach your table cards with mini pegs or even double sided tape!

You could also add matching florals to tie in with the rest of your decor.

Cinema reels

For movie buffs, vintage cinema reels make the perfect seating plan display! Name your tables after your favourite films, use movie posters as your table name cards and attach your table plan cards to vintage cinema reels to tie in the whole look. Sure to be a talking point!

bicycle wheels

portrait website photos02

I love how different this is! 

This bicycle wheel seating plan is perfect for cycling enthusiasts!

Each table card is attached using mini pegs and the wheels are wrapped with faux florals to match the day's theme

Displayed here on our rustic wooden easel. 

world map

Vintage style world map with printed luggage tag design table cards

For those who have a love of travelling! 

Why not name each table after a place that you’ve visited (or plan to visit!) 

You could display matching postcards in the centre of each table too - oooh and why not use a vintage suitcase as a card box?

Oh I do love this theme!

We hope that this post has given you some ideas on how to display your table plan. Remember, it doesn't have to be complicated or expensive! The most important thing is making sure that, if you're having a seating plan, it is prominently displayed and helps your guests easily find their seat. Looking for a seating plan for your big day?  Why not take a look in our etsy store or at our hire items.

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