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Wedding Guest Books: A Guide To Unique And Creative Options

Wedding Guest Books: A Guide to Unique and Creative Options

Wedding guest books serve as a keepsake of your special day and a way to reminisce on the memories and love shared with family and friends. While traditional guest books are still popular, there are a variety of unique and creative options available. Below we've outlined ten different types of wedding guest books for you to consider.

Traditional Guest Book

guest book sign

A traditional wedding guest book is a timeless option that includes pages for guests to sign their names and write a personal message. This is a great option for couples looking for something simple and classic.

signing Frame

signing frame chalk

A signing frame is a great alternative to a traditional guest book. It includes a photo of the couple, which guests can sign around the edges. This option allows you to display a memorable photo from your wedding day in your home, making it a charming keepsake.

Heart Drop Box

A heart drop box is a unique and creative guest book option that features a wooden frame with a cut-out heart shape. Guests sign their names on small wooden hearts and drop them into the frame. This creates a stunning display of heartfelt messages and signatures.

Wish Tree

A wish tree is a nature-inspired guest book where guests write their well wishes for the couple on small tags and hang them from a tree. This is a playful and interactive option that adds a whimsical touch to your wedding day.

Puzzle Guest Book

A puzzle piece guest book allows guests to sign a puzzle piece with a special message or their name. After the wedding, the couple can put together the puzzle, creating a unique and fun piece of art.

Jenga Guest Book

A Jenga guest book includes a Jenga set with each block featuring a spot for guests to sign. The couple can play Jenga together and reminisce about their special day while reading through the kind words left by their loved ones.

Vintage records

For music lovers, signing a vintage record can be a creative and sentimental option. Guests sign the record with a personal message, creating a unique keepsake for the happy couple.

Fingerprint Tree

A fingerprint tree is a unique twist on a traditional tree guest book. Guests stamp their fingerprints on the tree branches and write their names next to it. This creates a stunning piece of art that can be displayed in your home.

Photo Guest Book

A photo guest book includes a printed album of engagement or wedding photos, with space for guests to write their names and leave a personal message. This is a great option for couples who want to showcase their stunning photos while also sharing the love of their friends and family.

Time Capsule Guest Book

A time capsule guest book allows guests to leave personal messages for the couple to open on future special occasions such as anniversaries or milestone birthdays. This creates an incredible keepsake that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Overall, there are many unique and creative ways to capture the memories and well wishes of your special day. Choose a guest book that suits your personal style and preferences, and you'll have a cherished keepsake to look back on for years to come. Looking for a guest book alternative or the perfect decor for your guest book table? Why not take a look in our etsy store or at our hire items.

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