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Welcoming guests in style

Welcoming wedding guests in style

Pretty much all of our couples who book us for their stationery include a welcome sign - they're incredibly popular and can form a major part of your on the day stationery.  They can also make great keepsakes - lots of our customers frame their welcome sign and display at home as a lasting reminder of their big day!

A wedding welcome sign is the first thing your guests will see when they arrive on your big day - so it will give them an immediate hint at the style and vibe you've chosen for the day.  So with that in mind, we think it's a great opportunity to make a stylish first impression! 

We've given a number of pointers below to help you plan how to display your wedding welcome sign.

1. Choose the right location

Black and white welcome sign displayed in the foyer of Peterstone Court, Brecon, South Wales

Your welcome sign should be placed in an area where it is easily visible and accessible to guests. You can place it at the entrance of the venue or near the ceremony area.

If you've chosen a large welcome print, we recommend displaying on an easel so that it's eye level.

This stylish black & white welcome sign is displayed in the foyer of the venue - the beautiful Peterstone Court in Brecon, South Wales. It is displayed on a table top easel so it is eye level and highly visible as you walk through the main door.

Most venues have easels that you can borrow but if not, we have a range of easels available to hire.

2. use an eye catching design

A large Christmas wreath with the words "Tis the season to be married" printed onto a sign in the centre. The wreath is displayed on a white fireplace with green garlands draped around it.

Your welcome sign should be well-designed and eye-catching. Choose a design that reflects the theme and colour scheme of your wedding.

This welcome sign was made to match the couple's winter themed wedding invitations.  I love the beautiful full wreath, by Queens Florist, around the sign.  

3. use legible fonts

A wedding welcome sign with burnt orange and burgundy floral design. The sign reads "we finally welcome you to our wedding"

Ensure that the font is easy to read from a distance.  When I design wedding signage, I try to avoid over usage of cursive/script or fancy fonts that may be difficult for some guests to read.  Names, in particular, don't always work in script fonts - a capital 'I', for example, can end up looking like a capital 'J'.  

4. choose the right size

A wedding welcome sign printed onto a vintage map background. The sign is sat on top of a rustic wooden barrel.

The size of your welcome sign should be large enough to be seen by guests. It should not be too small, as this will make it difficult for guests to read.

5. decorate!

A galvanised milk churn filled with fresh flowers. A wedding welcome sign with a hessian and lace design is attached to the front of the churn.

You can add some decorative elements to your welcome sign, such as flowers, ribbons, or greenery. This will make it more attractive and inviting.

This wedding welcome sign is from our hessian & lace range.  I love how it has been attached to a milk churn and decorated by Queens Florist to tie in with the rest of the rustic theme chosen for Emma & Leyton's wedding.

6. illuminate!

Pick a seat not a side sign

If your wedding is in the evening, you can consider adding lighting around your welcome sign to make it more visible. This will also create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

I love how the candles used around this sign create a warm, cosy glow - just perfect for this winter wedding!

7. Be yourself!

Today is gonna be awesome

It’s your wedding day - so be yourself! Have it completely your way!

Annie-Starr and Danny had the most gorgeous, bright colourful day - and it totally matched their personalities! Their welcome sign was one of the most different we’ve ever done - and it’s one that has stuck in our minds! 

in conclusion...

We hope that this post has given you some ideas on how to display your welcome sign. Remember, it doesn't have to be complicated or expensive! The most important thing is making sure that, if you're having a welcome sign, it is prominently displayed and lets your guests know that they're in the right place! Looking for a welcome sign for your big day?  Why not take a look in our etsy store or at our hire items.

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